Royal Wedding Spoof Video

I realize that my blog is about issues related to divorce but this video of the upcoming royal wedding is so well done and funny, I just could not resist. The likenesses of the actors to the real people is just uncanny! Amazing job! A good laugh! 



"Divorce Happens, Now What?" A New Video About Collaborative Practice

I interview people who went to Family Court and those who chose Collaborative Practice instead. Clearly, Collaborative Practice is the better way. I hope you enjoy the video.


"A Family Is A Family" - A Great Documentary

Some documentaries are moving. Some are thoughtful. Some are insightful. I just watched an amazing documentary by Rosie O'Donnell that is all three. Wonderful interviews. Great music. Inspiring message.

Here is the trailer.


It's an HBO documentary. The message is that it does not matter what form your family comes in (a mom and a dad, two moms, two dads,adopted, extended, blended, test tube or otherwise), a family is about love and support.

Take the time to watch this video.

... and celebrate all families.

Collaborative Musical! Another Great Video!

Here is another great video. It's another funny one! The first musical!! 

Winners of the Virgian Collaborative Professionals Divorce Video Contest

The following is a hilarious video about  the Collaborative Team Process. I love it. This video is more entertainment than informative but a refreshing change from the usual "talking heads". Well done. It is the winning video from the Virginia Collaborative Professionals video contest. It is a real inspiration. Congratulations!


This next video received an Honorable Mention. It has a story line and appeals to the emotions of the viewer. Another great video. Congratulations!


Divorce Sucks.... A New Video

I put together this short video to introduce our firm to the public. I hope you find it interesting. The video is on You Tube. Here is the link: