Do you want to represent yourself in your separation/divorce? Makes sense. You can save a lot of money. But you aren’t a lawyer. It can be a bit scary. We can support you in a variety of ways.

We can draft documents for you but you go to court on your own thus saving you money. We can offer legal advice and coaching in the background but you do the direct negotiations or represent yourself in court. Alternatively, we can go to court with you for just one or two steps in the process but you don’t retain us for the whole process.

Whatever help you need, we can craft a plan that will give you a leg up and save you money.

A clearly worded limited purpose retainer agreement is critical to ensure that we, at Galbraith Family Law, know our responsibilities and you know your responsibilities. Together, we agree what services will be provided. You aren’t signing a blank cheque for legal fees but you are getting help so that you can do your best.

We can help you understand the process options, court procedure, ensure that you meet filing deadlines, help you develop a compelling legal argument and advise you as to the likely range of outcomes. We can suggest the evidence you need and guide you through the maze of the law.

In the end, you are calling the shots but we help you do your best and save money in legal fees. You may not be a lawyer but with some help from us, you can achieve your goals.

Written by Lynn Kirwin. Family law lawyer at Galbraith Family Law. To see Lynn’s bio click here. If you wish to book a consultation with Lynn please go to our website.