The Office of the Children’s Lawyer (OCL) is a government agency that represents children in custody and access proceedings. A judge cannot order that the OCL act for a child but simply can “request” that it do so. The government agency has the discretion to,
• decide whether to have a child’s lawyer appointed;
• decide whether to have a child’s lawyer with social work assist appointed or;
• decide whether to have a best interest assessment conducted by a social worker.

If the OCL decides to accept the case, the parents have no choice over the selection of lawyer or social worker and cannot insist upon a best interest assessment being conducted. You can expect delay in having an OCL lawyer/social worker becoming involved. It’s the government that makes these choices about your family.

There is an alternative…

I can help you. You can hire me privately to be your children’s lawyer. I team up with a social worker and together we can speak to your child to ascertain his/her views and preferences. We can also perform a best interest’s evaluation. I will even set a flat-fee so you know the costs in advance. It is cost-effective, fast and we can assure you that the work is performed by highly qualified and experienced professionals.

Written by Lynn Kirwin, Lawyer a lawyer at Galbraith Family Law. To book a consultation with Lynn, please visit our website.