By: Rod Grierson

I have a fool proof way of helping insomniacs fall asleep without resorting to medication, crystals, ointments, or any woo woo whatsoever. Here’s my trick:

Step 1: explain the importance of having a Will

Step 2: repeat step 1 in more detail until result is achieved

My 2 step program is a

When you marry, any existing Will is automatically revoked. In the situation of this, the rule of law takes charge in deciding how your assets are divided, until the parties involved in the marriage contract renew their Wills to effect their new status. Mostly, this would mean your entire estate would go to your wife,

“Oh yeah, I need to make that appointment.”  I hear this so frequently from successful people who generally have made sound financial choices.  Let’s face it – it’s difficult to conjure up a sense of urgency about a future event – death – one that we expect is half a lifetime or decades away.  Why